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trip or slip and fall accidents

As a visitor or patron of a building or property, there is an expectation that the premises will be safe from known and concealed hazards, as well as hazardous conditions that the property owner and/or manager should have known about, but failed to fix or correct. Depending on the case, property owners, property managers, business owners, and landlords can potentially be held responsible for dangerous conditions on their premises.

Some examples of potentially dangerous conditions on property that can cause accidents or injuries are: the failure to properly remove snow and ice; failure to properly clean or remove liquids from flooring; failure to repair stairs, hallways, doorways, flooring; failure to maintain carpet and rugs; poor construction; defective electrical systems or wiring; dangerous or broken sidewalks or walkways; and dangerous parking lots.

If you have questions about a potential claim regarding dangerous property or premises, give our office a call and speak with one of our lawyers.

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