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proven results

15 million verdict for Manhattan dentist seriously injured while riding Vespa; Vespa was caused to lose control when it struck a defective and improperly maintained ConEd roadway steel plate. Dentist sustained traumatic brain injury and was left with a trembling hand and was forced to give up his practice. New York County.

1.05 million settlement for NYPD officer who slipped and fell on a negligently maintained stairway at his precinct, causing permanent injury to officer’s “trigger finger”. Queens County.

2 million settlement after liability trial for 27 year old Brooklyn man injured when his vehicle was struck in the rear by a bus on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. Plaintiff suffered numerous orthopedic injuries as well as traumatic brain injury resulting in a seizure disorder. Kings County.

7 million verdict for mother of 6 year old child who died after a failure to properly diagnose and treat diabetes; jury awarded $500k for death of child and 6.5 million in punitive damages against the doctor who admitted to destroying records of her treatment of the child. Queens County.

1 million verdict for mother of 28 Year old son killed while using a Bobcat skid loader that was not equipped with appropriate safety shield; Bobcat and places that rent the machines to the public have now been urged to change the design of the skid loader’s cab shield and provide safety warnings for people using the machine outside of construction sites. Queens County.

10 million verdict for 41 year old plaintiff hit by NYCTA subway train; plaintiff was recovering heroin addict coming from his methadone clinic when he was caused to fall into the trackbed and was struck by a train. As a result of the accident, plaintiff was forced to undergo a traumatic amputation of his lower leg. Kings County.

6 million settlement during trial by hospital after failure to properly deliver distressed infant; infant suffered loss of all limbs. Erie County.

25 million verdict for mother and two children who were struck in the crosswalk by semi-truck after light prematurely changed and driver of truck could not see the family; children were killed at the scene. This case resulted in the truck company having to change the design of its hoods to allow drivers better visibility, as well as prompted the City of New York to adjust the timing of its traffic lights. New York County.

1.3 million settlement for 61 year old woman who sustained a fractured pelvis, fractured arm, fractured leg and broken ribs after being struck head-on by a vehicle, and then hit in the rear by another vehicle; plaintiff’s recovery was limited to the full auto insurance policies available. New York County.

2.5 million settlement after liability trial for 41 year old man whose vehicle was struck by an NYPD vehicle making an illegal U-turn; jury ruled that NYPD officers’ behavior was reckless under the circumstances of the case. Plaintiff sustained a fractured hip which resulted in a total hip replacement. Kings County.

4 million settlement for 23 year old construction worker injured after falling from a ladder. Plaintiff required numerous surgeries to his wrist and was left with a permanent loss of range of motion and ability to grip objects with his left hand. Kings County.

1.5 million settlement for family of 33 year old male who was killed when he fell from a cell phone tower due to failure of the provided safety clips and belts; his 34 year old brother witnessed his death and suffered resulting psychological injuries. Kings County.

5.4 million verdict for former 9/11 hero NYPD officer injured when attempting to rescue trapped patrons from an NYCTA elevator at Penn Station during the 2003 Blackout. Plaintiff sustained a knee injury that developed into a serious and debilitating neurological condition known as RSD. New York County.

500k settlement for plaintiff rear-ended on Tappan Zee Bridge; his car burst into flames and the flames spread to his body; he was forced to jump from the bridge into the Hudson River. Plaintiff was left with second and third degree burns over more than half of his body. Settlement was limited to available insurance policy. Bronx County.

12.5 million verdict for plaintiff who suffered permanent burns to both her feet after the car in which she was a passenger spun out of control, went through a barricade and fell onto LIRR tracks. City and LIRR jointly liable.

5.5 million recovery for nine year old child struck by NYC Parks Department truck while crossing street. Infant plaintiff suffered a skull fracture and resulting brain damage. Kings County

10 million structured settlement for infant plaintiff severely injured when his crib came apart, dropping him onto a concrete floor. Infant suffered head trauma and resulting brain injury and developmental issues.

2.5 million recovery for 36 year old construction worker caused to fall through unprotected deck in upper floor, resulting in fractured ribs, fractured shoulder and a fractured hip. Bronx County.

750k recovery for 25 year old man who was brutally beaten by NYPD in his apartment. Kings County.

1.9 million jury verdict for 31 year old man whose vehicle was struck by another vehicle proceeding through intersection due to malfunctioning traffic lights. Plaintiff sustained neurological injuries and suffered from debilitating neck and back pain. Kings County.

1.7 million settlement for 42 year old laborer who suffered a fractured shoulder, femur and jaw after falling from ladder. Queens County.

750k settlement for 41 year old man partially blinded when a large drum of lye equipped with a malfunctioning screw top was caused to splatter out and into plaintiff’s eyes. Kings County.

900k settlement for 46 year old female NYCTA bus driver, who was rear-ended by a truck while operating her bus on the job. Herniations in cervical spine resulted in two neck surgeries. Kings County.

1.8 million settlement for 41 year old construction worker who broke both legs when the van in which he was a passenger hit an improperly placed construction plate in the road, causing the vehicle to spin out of control. New York County.

1.5 million settlement for 46 year old employed by NYCTA as a truck driver who was sideswiped by a vehicle while exiting his NYCTA vehicle, leaving him with a fractured leg that required numerous surgeries. Defendant fled the scene but was chased down by bystanders. New York County.

650k verdict at trial for 33 year old former Dominican Republic professional basketball player who was a passenger in a car that was struck by a taxi, causing him to break his hip. Bronx County.

750k verdict at trial for 32 year old professional guitarist and photographer who was injured as a result of a negligently maintained stage at a local community college; plaintiff was caused to fall from the stage due to a broken stage floorboard, fracturing and deforming his index finger, making it difficult to continue playing classical guitar. Queens County.

1.2 million settlement for infant who suffered from brain damage and learning disabilities due to hospital’s failure to diagnose mother’s syphilis during pregnancy. Kings County

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