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product liability 

When a manufacturer puts a product on the market, the public has the right to assume that the device is well designed, properly made and tested to ensure that it is safe for its intended use. If any of these steps have not been met, you may have a product liability action.

CASE HISTORY OF A CRIB THAT DESTROYED A LIFE When our client's dad was deployed to Iraq, he assumed his 8-month-old son would be well cared for at the Army Base Child Development Center. Unfortunately, not even the watchful caregivers at the base could protect the boy from the tragic consequences of a defectively designed crib which sprung open during a fire drill, dropping the child four feet onto a concrete walkway causing permanent brain damage. The family's attorney in Kansas contacted the Pillersdorf Law Firm to assist in the trial and preparation of the case. During discovery we learned that the manufacturer had recently modified the design of the crib to save on production costs. When the crib was moved during a fire drill, the screws on the fixed side vibrated open allowing the crib to swing open allowing the child to fall to the ground. At trial, an expert we provided testified that the modified design was flawed and the accident could have been prevented by the use of a 10-cent lock washer.

WE HELP THE JURY UNDERSTAND To assist the jury in understanding what happened, Andrew Pillersdorf, working with our graphic experts, created an animation that showed how the crib was designed, how it was inappropriately modified and how the accident could have been prevented. To view our trial exhibit, click on picture of the crib below.

We were able to secure a recovery for the family that insured the child would be well taken care of for the rest of his life.

THE ROLE OF THE PRODUCT LIABILITY ATTORNEY Unfortunately, America's corporations from time to time will shortcut safety to increase profitability. Product liability lawsuits have made it possible for injured people to secure justice and fair compensation for their injuries, while protecting the public by forcing companies to change the way they do business. Product liability litigation has made our cars, homes, and workplaces safer, protected our children and improved the safety of the food we eat and the medicines we take. This litigation is especially difficult and intense as major corporations fight fiercely to protect their bottom lines.


At the Pillersdorf Law Firm, we help people who have been seriously injured by products that were defectively designed or manufactured, or who suffered because a manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings. We have the experience, expertise and technical support to ensure that justice is done. We have handled cases against General Motors, Colt Firearms, Eli Lilly, the Goodyear Tire Company, and many of America's other huge corporations.

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