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construction site accidents

In New York State, construction workers are protected by a “Labor Law”. This law ensures that the area where construction is being performed is safe from known and concealed hazards, and mandates that employers, contractors, subcontractors, property managers, land owners, engineers, and construction managers provide safety measures and equipment for all workers lawfully on the property. The New York State Legislature enacted these laws to cover machinery, scaffolding, demolition, excavation, and other construction work.

If you have been injured on a construction site, or while performing construction-related work, contact our office for a consult. You must alert the potential responsible parties immediately in these types of cases, so there are no issues with identifying what parties were on the site, and informing their insurance companies that an accident has occurred. Our lawyers have many years of experience working with and against some of the largest construction companies and contractors in the country, and are ready to help you in determining if you have a case.

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