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automobile accident cases

At the Pillersdorf Law Firm, we have the unique combination of experience, knowledge and skill you need to ensure fair treatment after an automobile accident.

WE WROTE THE BOOK ON AUTO CASES.  Mr. Pillersdorf has literally written the book when it comes to handling automobile claims. He is the main author of New York Motor Vehicle Accidents published by James Publishing.  He is also a contributing author of the national acclaimed ATLA's Litigating Tort Claims, published by Thompson West.

WE GET THE FACTS AND KNOW HOW TO SHOW THEM.Our firm employs a team of investigators led by retired NYC police officers and experienced graphic illustrators and video specialists, who reconstruct the accident in detail. To view an accident reconstruction video please click the battery explosion square below.

Video Coming Soon!

WE PROTECT YOUR NO FAULT RIGHTS,  In automobile cases, unlike any other negligence case, a plaintiff must prove that the injury was serious as defined in New York State Insurance Law 5102. If you wish to learn more about New York State Insurance Law 5102 please click here: know your rights. At the Pillersdorf Law Firm, we file the necessary paper work and follow through to get lost wages and medical bills reimbursed in accordance with the "no fault" laws at no cost to the client.

WE PREPARE EVERY CASE FOR TRIAL.There are many qualities that set us apart from other law firms. While many law firms simply negotiate their cases with no intention of ever going to trial, our firm prepares each and every case for trial. While we pursue settlements, we believe that the best way to obtain a great settlement is to be ready for trial.

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